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value of Lukeion Advanced Research writing?

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My student, self-described as a weak writer, has recently taken the Landry Academy research paper class (did well, did not find the instruction helpful) and Honors Intro to Composition (had a literature focus) at community college.  

Is the Lukeion course likely to help with skills?  Do the instructors teach, or is it just assignment evaluation?  

Thank you for sharing.


Lee in New England

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My oldest took it because he had done a lot of essay writing, but no research papers other than a few position papers with a bibliography. He is a slower, but strong writer. We were very familiar with Lukeion because we did Latin with them through Latin 4. He was in 12th grade.


For him, it was invaluable. Indeed Mr. Barr does a lot of teaching and then very in-depth evaluation. There were times that it was stressful for him, but good. It was tough finding good sources for his paper because the local universities don't really have much in the way of a classics focus, which is the area that you have to use for your papers. We used an online article source and actually ended up buying and then reselling several books to get what he needed. One paper was on a Greek topic, and one on a Roman topic. My son did an issue related to militarism in Sparta, and then an analysis of when Caesar showed mercy to his enemies and what his underlying principles were. In other words, very academic topics.


He's now in a sophomore in college with a business major and has had to write a number of research papers. After Lukeion, he breezed right through. None of the papers he's had to do were as long or difficult as Mr. Barr's, even in his honors freshman English classes.


My daughter took AP Composition, and also had very thorough work on research papers. She's graduating in June and plans an English major, so it will be interesting to see how that works out.


I think that doing something like that is very important if you plan for a 4-year degree.

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Like G5052, we are a longstanding Lukeion family, including Greek, Latin, and Research Writing (DD took research writing as a junior).


In research writing, Regan provides ongoing, explicit instruction and provides meaningful feedback on the papers.  Students also peer review others' work in his class, which can be helpful. I think Regan's class works well across ability levels.  He is dedicated to helping each student advance to the next level of their individual abilities and doesn't evaluate with reference to all of the other papers or simply to achieve a curve. 

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