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Cheapie unlocked phone?


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Ds lost the kid phone. We decided to get a new one for his brother too so they each have their own. We're happy with our plan ($10 for each line a month, more talk and text than they can use). No data. But we don't have phones to hand down to them and apparently AT&T doesn't sell any cheapie phones anymore so they gave us the SIM cards instead.


Anyone bought a decent phone recently for this type of line?


I am hesitant to get one like this:


because they're going to primarily use it for texting. Their old one was the slide screen with the little keyboard under it.


I see this one on Amazon. Not a bad deal... anyone got a better one?


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It is a "dumb" phone and they are old, but if you only want it for texting and voice, my all time favorite phone for that was a Nokia 6800 Messaging  Device with a QWERTY keyboard. Nothing, IMO, beats that for sending SMS messages.  I would buy one ONLY if you verify, before you buy it, that replacement batteries are available, on eBay or somewhere.  A month or 2 ago, I read something about a BLU phone (the 2 links in the OP are for BLU phones) and it was quite positive.  


NOTE: The 2nd one says "Factory Unlocked".  Those are like the Android phones we've purchased in the superstore here. They left the factory unbranded (nothing specific to a particular carrier).  They have better (cleaner) Software/Firmware than a phone that was Branded to a carrier and was then "Unlocked"


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