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Wanting to learn about bugs etc


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I have an ASD Ker who is currently obsessed with all things invertebrate that she can find; bugs, flies, butterflies, caterpillars, worms, spiders, you name it and she loves it and is fascinated by it. I have just been letting her explore and talking to her about what she has found but she wants more, she wants details and to know the how and the why of everything; life cycle, classification, food, habitat and so on . So, I guess it is time to move onto something a little more, but what? I am thinking maybe some easy unit studies or lapbook type ideas? Are there any good ones you could recommend for this age or any other resources?  She is not yet reading (at all) so maybe some good books or printables with lots of pictures that will help with the how and why of everything? I really have no idea what I want, I am lost (this kid has had me stumped since the day she was born!) but she wants to learn all about insects, spiders and worms. Help? Where should I start? What should we do? Any help on where to from here greatly appreciated :)

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