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6 year molar is gray


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My kids just had their first check up with a new pediatric dentist today. My daughter's 6 year molar is coming in and it is very gray. I can't remember the term she used, but it brought to mind rotten. She did not say the tooth was rotten, that's just what the term made me think.


The dentist wants to wait until the tooth is fully in and then drill it out and refill with white porcelain enamel. However, she isn't in a rush and felt she could wait until the other molars are in before making a treatment plan.


The dentists thoughts on the cause are genetics or fevers when our daughter was a toddler. As far as I know, no one on either side of our families has similar issues. My husband and I both have very healthy teeth. My daughter does have a history of UTIs beginning around age 4 and was on antibiotics but not ones that are known for causing tooth discoloration. Other than that she has been very healthy.


Since this is a new dentist I don't know yet how well I trust her advice. It basically sounds like she wants to fix the tooth cosmetically, but it's a molar and I'd rather not fix it just to look pretty. If it necessary to fix in order to preserve the life of the tooth, then of course we will have it fixed. Googling suggests some teeth are naturally gray, it could be caused by antibiotics, or excess floride. The pictures I looked at of the last two don't look anything like my daughter's tooth.


Has anyone been through anything similar? What questions do I need to ask?

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The question to ask is, "has the nerve and bloody pulp center of the tooth died? Or is this a result of antibiotics at a young age?"  If the former, leaving it could lead to infection.  If the latter, it usually is just a cosmetic and not structural.  Usually, excessive fluoride will cause a speckled appearance, not an all over grey color.  

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