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Homeschool teens in Massachusetts?


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Central Mass maybe, but it depends on jobs. I have always love the little towns south of Wachusett Mountain, like Sterling or Princeton, but I don't think I am getting that wish.

They're cute, but a long commute from where most jobs are, but it also depends what kind if job you're looking for, and how long you're willing to commute. That area isn't too far from Worcester, where the Think Tank is. There's also a homeschool center with classes for teens in Upton. Voyagers, which has coop days M-Th (at least one if not two have a teen focus) as well as classes (not coop) on Fridays mostly for teens, and teen dances that are very popular, just moved to North Chelmsford.


If you're looking for a CC, Quinsigamond and Wachusett are the ones in Central MA. It seems though that many homeschoolers from that area and even close to Boston end up trekking to Middlesex CC, which has campuses in Bedford and Lowell. They are very homeschool friendly. Kids can take classes there as soon as you declare they're in high school. DE classes there are 50% off standard cost (every CC appears to have a different set of rules).


That's off the top of my head... ask away if you have any other questions or more details! There's of course other stuff in other parts of MA, those were the ones I thought of closer to central MA.

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