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  1. So far our biggest hit has been Miller Levine Biology coordinated with MrDBioCFC videos and Blackburn Biology guided reading questions from TPT. We have a miss already too: Chakerian Geometry. My kid just doesn't like the discovery approach. We have switched to Jacobs Geometry and we will see how that goes. To be determined: Destinos Spanish, Development of European Civilization GC, and LLoLotR
  2. Thank you so, so much for your post. I really appreciate it. So it looks I am deciding between apples and apples, not apples and oranges, ha! I have a Volume III of HT and I was planning on coordinating it with a Great Course but I was concerned about the lack of global history. Maybe we will just watch some documentaries to cover the other parts of the world.
  3. I am looking at these two different books for a World History course starting at the Renaissance and going up to modern day. If you have looked through these books, can you tell me if they are Europe focused or if they cover the rest of the world as well? I have Humanistic Traditions Volume III and it seems pretty euro-centric to me. Do the later volumes of Humanistic Tradition include a closer examination of the rest of the world? Thanks!
  4. If you use the Kindle app on a tablet, the Whispersync function is very similar. It links up an audiobook with an e-book and it highlights the words as they are being read. But you have to buy both the e-book and the audiobook. To browse books with this functionality, go to the Audible Website, then click on "browse," then under "Lists and Collections" you will see "Non-English Audiobooks," and after you click on that click on the "Whispersync for voice" search parameter that is on the bottom of the left hand side of the screen. https://www.audible.com/a/search?ref=a_a_search_l1_feature_three_browse-bin_0&pf_rd_p=7fe4387b-4762-42a8-8d9a-a63254c74bb2&pf_rd_r=N2DVMMPP5T34JF2W226Q&&feature_six_browse-bin=9178183011&feature_three_browse-bin=9178155011&submitted=1&sort=popularity-rank If you want a low-tech version with easier beginner books, The Command Performance Language Institute has some beginner books in multiple languages that have a corresponding CD to purchase. https://cpli-bookstore.myshopify.com/collections/german
  5. Ah, that makes sense. I have the Macaw text.
  6. In the "About" section on his Youtube channel he says that the videos are based on content from the Miller Levine Biology textbook. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrDBioCFC/about ETA: The chapter titles on the playlists match up with the titles of the first 17 chapters in the Miller Levine textbook.
  7. Have you seen the MrDBioCFC channel on youtube? https://www.youtube.com/user/MrDBioCFC/playlists
  8. Thanks for the kind words Mirabillis! Cost is an issue, but so far it has been working well. However, Ds and Dd are willing participants which makes the process much easier.
  9. I feel like an oddity since we don't do any online classes. I really overloaded Ds at the beginning of 9th, even though every advice said not to do it but I did it anyway. I am really trying not to do that this year. Let's see how that goes. Ds 10th Grade Engineering Track Math- he is doubling up so that he can see some Calculus in 12th Geometry using Chakerian and Math without Borders videos Algebra II using Foersters and Math without Borders videos Science- He had a tough science year in 9th, and he doesn’t care for Bio so I’m looking for an easier science year for him. Biology using the Kolbe syllabus, the Miller Levine text, videos from MrDsBio, and Labs from either Quality Science Labs or The Home Scientist Engineering/Programming – Learn to program C# so he can make mods for his STEAM game, and continue his electronics projects History- Renaissance to Modern Day Using?? Maybe a Teaching Company video? Pages from History? Critical Thinking Units from the Stanford website? Spanish 2- Destinos and a local conversation club. Writing/Literature- Working our way through WWS2, and maybe Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings. If it doesn’t go well I will either get an outside tutor or, gulp, try the Bravewriter online classes. Band at the local high school DD 9th Grade She decided she doesn’t know IF she wants to be zoologist anymore- maybe a jazz pianist, or a potter :001_rolleyes: So I am trying to keep all avenues open for her. Math – Algebra with Jacobs?? She loves puzzles, but she is so.slow. Science- Biology with Ds. She will probably be much more excited about it than he will! Spanish 2 – with Ds Writing/Literature- with Ds History – with Ds Piano- Continue with lessons, include more music theory. Breezing Through Theory? Art- Artistic Pursuits high school level and pottery classes
  10. Edited to add: I changed the title to better reflect the question. I hope someone can help. Next year I am planning a 9th and 10th grade Biology at home with the Miler Levine text. This year we did Physics with a kit I really liked from Quality Science Labs. I see that QSL also has a regular Biology kit and an Advanced Biology kit. I'm not very enthused about the regular Biology lab kit because we have already done most of the microscope and dissection activities. There is also a Biology lab kit from The Home Scientist. Does anyone have any personal experience with either the Advanced Biology Kit from QSL or the Biology Kit from The Home Scientist? Thanks in advance!
  11. Maybe Orphs of the Woodlands by Startoaster? https://startoaster.com
  12. On FB I saw a pumpkin spice salt tray to do letters and in the store I have seen pumpkin spice popcorn. I bought the popcorn, and I thought it was pretty good! Kinda like a more flavorful kettle-corn.
  13. Thank you for coming back and commenting MarkT. I really appreciate it. Here is a cute puppy of friendship https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0a/a1/b0/0aa1b06949993cdfd6754e279a053d7d.jpg
  14. This is in response to my question. I don't see how knowing my state is relevant to my question. I didn't ask about graduation requirements, or specifics about charter schools. It was a general WWYD question, and there are many types of questions like that on this board. I am usually a reader, not a poster, but I can tell you I will really thinking twice about asking a question if a moderator is then going to turn around and post a comment such as this.
  15. I can pm you a link to the program if you are interested. They have online classes if we want to take them, but we are doing all DIY classes. I gave them a syllabus and list of materials for each class and they approved or asked more questions about the class I wanted ds to take. I can submit a materials request form by late August, but it has taken 4 - 6 weeks to get the books in my hand. This isn't an issue for the kids taking online classes because they get their support materials online. I knew about the turn-around time so I bought ds his books so that we could start on time, and if we withdraw I don't have to return anything. I think most kids leave this program by the time they are eligible for Running Start.
  16. It is free and considered an alternative public school. I provide a syllabus, materials list, and samples of his work every so often. They do provide a transcript which was one of the original reasons to do this program. Theoretically they could purchase our books, but the process takes a long time and we didn't want to wait 4-6 weeks for books. Maybe I am at the 8-week blahs. It seems like just another thing to do. ETA: I'm in WA if that changes anything. The school seems like it prefers kids to take online classes through them, and we don't have any interest in those.
  17. Hello, longtime lurker here. We live in a state that gives you the option to do our high school studies with some teacher oversight and eventually get a state-issued high school diploma. So far, the teacher input has been pretty minimal, they haven't bought us any curriculum because I bought it all myself, and they don't pay for any of the outside activities that we want to do. It is really just a half an hour of Skype a week where he writes down what my son is doing. I feel it is a waste of time, and none of the engineering colleges we are looking at for ds seems to care about a state-issued diploma. My husband wants us to stick it out for the "just in case." This kid has vowed never to go back to public school and I have promised that his grandpa would take over homeschooling if anything ever happened to me. It's in the will :lol: Is there a reason not to quit that I am overlooking? I am inclined to quit, but maybe I'm not seeing the whole picture.
  18. Our local library gives us access to free online tutoring. I tried it out to see, and they help with physics using a virtual whiteboard. Do you have anything like this you can use? I have to give another vote to Georgia Public Broadcasting's Physics Fundamentals. You can pay $20 to get homework, quizzes, a pacing guide, and answers. They model a lot of problem solving and they have note-taking guides to help the student figure out what it important from the lectures. It wouldn't hurt to have her watch a video and see if the teaching connects with her.
  19. Was it this article from the Atlantic, The Math Revolution. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/03/the-math-revolution/426855/
  20. I just ordered the physics lab kit and manual from Quality Science Labs. I have the lab manual, but not the kit yet, so I can't comment about the quality. But the manual has 32 labs covering a survey of physics topics, there is data collection and questions to answer. I am pretty hopeful physics will go well next year.
  21. They are a bit dated, as in I'm sure life has changed quite a bit, but how about: Guests of the Sheikh, by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea I, Rigoberta Menchú: An Indian Woman in Guatemala, by Rigoberta Menchú
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