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Load me up...favorite apps 😊

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We love the following youtube channels:


- It's Okay to Be Smart 


- How to Make Everything 


- Crash Course


- Sci Show



A great website is: http://unplugthetv.com/


We pop in and out of Khan Academy for a range of things.


We also use MOOCs from providers such as Coursera, Udacity, FutureLearn etc.



There's so much out there, it's hard to know where to start.   :001_smile:

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If you're worried about the student using the computer and accessing sites they shouldn't while working on school work give Forest [there's phone and browser versions] a try, it allows you to list sites that aren't accessible during a timeframe, and motivates the student to stay on task by growing a tree every 30 mins. If they venture away, they'll kill the tree.


For history, my favorite website is http://besthistorysites.net/ , there's so much content on it!


Also google sites with documentaries, there are a lot free online for times when you just want something to watch. Documentary Heaven is a great one.

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