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Can I use Math -U-See blocks for Miquon?

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You probably could mostly. However there are times where they are used to measure centimeters where you would need a ruler. I think there were also times when you needed to put them on a page. So that could be confusing as well. 


We paid about $15 for our set from Amazon. 

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I vote no.


Many of the Miquon work pages have actual-size drawings of the rods, which are also in the color of the Cusienaire rods, and are designed specifically for laying the c-rods onto the drawings.


The c-rods are solid and slightly smaller so they are actual centimeter lengths and are sometimes used in the workbooks for actual measuring. The MUS blocks are slightly larger and cannot be used for measuring lengths, BUT, they are hollow on one side so they can hold an actual cubic cm of volume). The c-rods and MUS blocks are different colors for similar lengths.


We had no confusions using two different sets of blocks/rods for the two different programs. And a set of c-rods is not that expensive for a supplemental math or to try out Miquon -- Rainbow Resource prices (free shipping on orders over $50):

plastic, intro set of 74 = $11

plastic, tub of 155 = $17.50

wooden, intro set of 74 = $14

wooden, tub of 155 = $18.50


You might even be able to buy a tub used, or borrow from a friend.

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