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  1. Yes, I had Science in the Beginning and sold it. The daily experiments made my kids and me go crazy.
  2. I'm switching language arts programs for my 3rd, 6th, and 8th grader. I'm liking the grammar side of Abeka but am wondering if the composition aspect needs supplemented, espcially for my 8th grader. We tried IEW last year and liked it, so would probably supplement along those lines if we did do supplementation. But am open to other options too. I'd certainly appreciate any thoughts on this!
  3. What online literature programs are available for a 6th and 8th grader? I checked out Potters School and liked it, but there is a waiting list.
  4. Apologia was a great fit for my last 6th grader. He learned soooo much! But my current 6th grader isn't so science obsessed. He's had just a little bit of light science up to this point. I'd love to get some recommendations on a science curriculum that is similar quality to Apologia, but maybe not as time-intensive. And my kids have never been into experiments. So with whatever we choose, I don't want it to be too experiment heavy, but some are good.
  5. We've focused on writing solid paragraphs along with a little essay work this school year. We're done with the pieced-together curriculums I planned to use. I'm needing some curriculum to finish up the year now. We're planning on putting him into public school next year and I'm not sure what we should focus on to prep him for that. He's not terribly advanced in his writing, but does okay. I know we haven't done much with outlining and wondering if we should focus there, but would like a resource to guide us. I'm also considering just ordering Writing and Rhetoric book 5 and doing the first part of it because we've used it some in the past and...well....it's something. Any feedback is welcome as to how to finish this school year in the writing realm!
  6. Thankyou! Those are some nice lists!
  7. I'm thinking it work best for us this year to study specific history topics versus our typical linear history. I'll have a 7th, 5th, and 2nd grader this year. What would be on your list of interesting history topics to cover?
  8. It's that framework that I'm needing. l looked at the requirements for that. It does give some ideas....
  9. Does anyone require their kids to just do something....anything exercise related for x amount of time a week or day? I'd like to hear about what that looks like. My son is entering 7th grade and I'd like him to begin developing that habit. He thinks he's great stuff that he does 10 pushups on some mornings. He needs to do more. Sports other than soccer (which he does do) aren't an option right now.
  10. Thankyou to both of you so far! Just what I was looking for! I'd still like to hear from others on this too.
  11. I need the following suggestions from you all for my rising 7th grader. He's not completely clueless on some if this. We did Essentials in Writing 6 last year, which covered these things, but he still has a ways to go. So I need (and they can all be separate resources): -Best resource for learning to write paragraphs -Best resource for learning to write essays -Best resource for writing reports
  12. How important is the computer programming, website building, and Power Point? All of that totally overwhelms me! Or is there an easy way to do that when your parents know nothing of this arena? Also, do you have a resource you later ke for teaching study skills?
  13. My 5th grader has struggled with coming up with his own writing from scratch or near scratch based off writing assignments. I'm thinking that a writing program based on the imitation of great writing would be a helpful path for him. I'm familiar with Writing and Rhetoric for this, but I'm curious what other curriculums are out there that employ this technique?
  14. We've homeschooled since kindergarten, and now my oldest is entering junior high. Just curious if there are any shifts we should be making this year as we start the 7th grade year? Anything different we should be focusing on as high school looms ahead?
  15. I'm wanting to make a life-size poster of the internal organs of the human body with my 1st grader. Looking for a resource to do so.
  16. My son was diagnosed with some speech disfluency by a speech pathologist about 1 1/2 years ago. We weren't able to get him into the school's speech therapy program for a year after the diagnosis. When that time came I decided to decline it because it didn't seem like his problem was very noticable and I was more concerned about making this already quiet boy self-conscious about his speech when it really didn't seem like that noticable of a problem. However, lately I've really noticed a ton of stuttering when he reads aloud to me. Maybe it was always there and I just overlooked it, but now that I've noticed it I'm seeing that it's really bad. Are there any tips for ways I can quietly help him at home? He's 9 and he reads really well for his age and above grade level. Again, I don't want him to be self-conscious about it and making a big deal of going to speech therapy seems like it would just make it...well...a bigger deal. But do you think I should just enroll him in it? Or is there stuff I can do at home with him?
  17. I'm actually using level 1 and level 3 this year for my two younger ones. I like them for the younger ones, but I question it more for my 6th grader who would be finishing up level 4 and then level 5 this year. Some might be his personality and need for more review.
  18. Are your referring to the Level 4 Creative Companion? That's the only companion book that I can think of that has the art, poetry, and geography in it. He's half way through that book and that thought did cross my mind.....just having him do that book on top of whatever else we do for language arts. And then when we come to level 5 just printing the free pdf download and just doing the sections that pertain to those areas. But that will be a lot of weeding through things. Was hoping there was just something different but similar. Things like the Simply Charlotte Mason enrichment stuff is fine, but it's just more pieces to juggle rather than it all being in one place.
  19. We did our first year of The Good and the Beautiful language arts last year. I loved it! But as I think about it, what I realize that I loved was the variety each day along with the geography, art study, art instruction, and poetry. I don't feel that the grammar and writing area is as good as it could be, which defeats it being used as our language arts curriculum. So if I switched to another grammar and writing program, is there any other single program that would encompass the geography, art, and poetry that I'm missing? I'd love it to be just ONE program, sort of like TGATB, so there isn't so much juggling. Or is there another language arts program similar to The Good and the Beautiful that I'm missing?
  20. I guess I was confused, I thought EIW was IEW. EIW looks much better for our situation though. How long are each of the DVD sessions and about how long does the student spend daily with this curriculum?
  21. I need to look at EIW again. It's been a few years and when I looked at it originally it didn't seem like a good fit for my son. But things change, so I need to refresh myself on what that looks like again. Winning with Writing looks great though! I like the layout and it's straight-forwardness and that the lessons are relatively short. I'm being tempted.... Analytical grammer looks great on a number of fronts, and I may keep it in mind for my other kids, but I can see the layout and exercises are not for this particular child. For the person who asked, I'm looking for something brief and concise for a number of reasons. I've learned over 6 years of homeschooling my son that this is the best approach for keeping him positive toward learning and absent from daily emotional breakdowns. He and I have also had lots of clashing and relational stress concerning school over the past couple years and so the more he can do independently without me, the better chance that we will be able to continue homeschooling while not destroying our relationship.
  22. Ooo....I like the looks of Spanish for Kids by Kids, and my younger two could get in on that too! Would love to hear more about Middlebury. Their info was more difficult to navigate. But am I correct that it's about $300 for that course? Might be a good option for the future should my kids decide they really do want to learn Spanish. I feel that for now we're just testing the waters and I like the price point of Spanish for Kids a lot better.
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