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Force, Motion and Vikings

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I will be teaching force and motion at the same time that we will be learning about Vikings.  I'm thinking there's got to be some ways to overlap these two (some experiments/activities or projects we can do looking into the physics of things like viking ships, viking weapons, etc.)


What do you think?  Any ideas?


(Age levels are 8 and 11)


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I know the Norse had narrower ships for raids (because they went faster through the water) and wider ships for trading (because they could hold more, and were more stable). 


I was thinking of doing some sort of test with some fake "boats" (one wide, one narrow) and both testing their speed and stability in a bathtub or at the lake.  But I will have to look into the physics behind that, because I'm rather weak in my science knowledge. 


I grew up on a boat, and know the difference in drag between a canoe and a wider rowboat, and also the difference in stability.  We have canoe and kayak rentals nearby and I was already going to rent one so the kids could imagine what it was like to go on a viking raid...ask them to imagine being in that moving boat environment with heavy gear on, maybe meeting resistance at the shoreline and trying to disembark while under attack.  

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Well, I found my source.  This printable by the Royal Society of Chemistry is amazing.  It has experiments and scientific explanations of all sorts of things, covering not only physics but chemistry, biology, and more.  It even has a narrative that goes along with it.



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For the people following this post...

The curriculum I'm using covers friction...but drag as applied to air and water I was having trouble understanding.  This page helped so much...and I'm going to read it to my kids when we do the related experiments from the Experimenting With the Vikings unit (see above post). 



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