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help with dragonfly biology book and different editions

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I am planning on using the "dragonfly" Miller Levine biology book for the fall and I already own one book.  I want to order a few other things; a teacher's book, another student book, tests and study workbook.  But it seems there are different editions and I am confused.  The book I own doesn't have any edition and at Amazon, it shows as " 0 edition"  Can I assume that means 1st edition?  And if that is the case, should I get the 2nd edition instead?  Is it better?


How do I tell what studt books and tests go with which edition?  They seem to be labeled by letters,  A , C, B  are the ones I have seen.  This is hurting my brain, and in turn, hurting my new hip  - yep, just had a hip replacement at 50!!  That's what sports will do to you!


Any help would be truly appreciated!




Just looked again and what is even more strange is that my book that has no edition, 0 edition according to Amazon, has a printing date of 2006- which is after some of the other books.  Now is am truly overly confused!

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I think the printing dates for the dragonfly book were 2002, 2004, 2006, and 2008; after that they brought out the totally redesigned edition with the macaw cover. If the book you own is 2006, I'd look for the other components with the same date; but even if you end up with, say, a 2008 workbook or TM, there shouldn't be much difference. Generally they just update a few pictures and the some weblinks. The macaw edition is totally different, though, you can't mix and match that with dragonfly editions.) The difference between the A and B workbooks is that the Bs are designed for special needs students, with a lower reading level and simpler assignments.

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