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Fun suppliements and stationary etc for gifts

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I am starting in earnest to plan for christmas and am after some fun ideas and suggestions for my kiddos.
I am placing a huge order at rainbow resources within a few weeks as one kiddo needs the next level of math asap (and we are in australia so i need to do a big order to save on postage).


I am specifically after ideas for stocking stuffers but other christmas inspiration welcome (preferably available at rainbow).

My kids are 9, 8 and 5 (all girls) and a 2.5yo boy.


Ideas I have so far:

Erasable colored pencils

Erasers in fun shapes

Nail tattoos

Card game each

Board game each (these form their main present not a stocking stuffer)

calculator (for eldest)

smelly pens

little activity books (for the 5yo)

maybe some more teddy counters as ours have dwindled in number

glue and tape, you can never have too much of these (according to my kids)



We have enough card and construction paper to start our own craft shop lol and same with paint.

Last year they got tape dispensers, sharpeners, staplers and rulers which do not need replacing.



I try fill their stockings with fun but useful items so we are not overrun with random "stuff" and also so I can save on the cost of presents/school supplies by combining the two.

What other fun stuff have I missed? Big or small items. Thanks heaps!



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