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CLE Reading and LA? Too much of the same?

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I'm debating between sticking with BJU reading distance learning (a $300 price tag!!!) and switching to CLE reading for my 4th and 5th grade girls.  It's much cheaper, looks great, and the girls are both great readers.  Reading is a weak spot for me, so I really want to stick with a curriculum for now.  We will also be reading Sonlight Core D readers throughout the year, but will not be doing Sonlight's LA.  We will be doing CLE LA next year for the first time.  I'm wondering, though, if doing both the reading and the LA is too much of the same type of workbook and whether or not it would become too monotonous.  I'm planning to do Writing and Rhetoric with them as well.  The CLE reading schedule would work really well with W&R as both are half year courses.  Any thoughts?


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My ds13 uses CLE Reading and CLE LA.


My ds11 uses CLE Math and CLE LA.


We don't use workbooks for anything else that we do. For us, two subjects taught as workbooks is fine. I've thought about using more than 2 subjects through CLE, but I think that more than 2 subjects as workbooks would start getting old, real fast. But two work really well. For us. Everyone is different, of course.


We also do another writing program, as you say you will do. It's never been a problem to use another writing program as well as CLE LA and Reading.

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We do 3 CLE subjects and it isn't monotonous since the subjects are so different. My kids like it very much. I like it gets done!



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