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Good, rigorous, thorough and done-at-home World History curriculum from Christian worldview?

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I know about Notgrass and like it, but have heard it's not very rigorous.  What else is there?  Needs to be done at home.  I would prefer an option that doesn't include me and can either be done by another "teacher" (maybe dvd's like BJU?...we can't do online right now due to no good home internet connection and we also go through our data quickly already) or a self teaching curriculum.  I would love to have it be literature based, but how can that be made into a course that could count for a credit?  Thanks.

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Omnibus or Tapestry of Grace are both rigorous, done at home, History and Lit. integrated, and from a Christian worldview. However, they DO require quite a bit of teacher input, and they are not 1-year programs. Omnibus has two 3-year cycles (at the high school level, with the second cycle covering harder works of Lit.); ToG has one 4-year cycle (1 each at roughly K-2nd / gr. 3-6 / gr. 7-9 / gr. 10-12 levels). Here are the Cathy Duffy reviews for Omnibus and Tapestry of Grace.


JMO: I personally cannot imagine it is possible to have a rigorous, thorough, 1-year World History program that covers 6000+ years of world History AND matching Literature -- and do anything else that year. ;)




The only solo programs for History I can think of are either workbook-based or DVD-based, and are "get 'er done" programs rather than thorough and rigor. But, they don't require much teacher interaction, and don't require online access. Literature is not included. These would just be 1 credit of World History, and then you could choose a World Lit. program for your 1 credit of English, so, while your History and Lit would not be integrated, they would at least be "parallel".


DVD-based 1-year Christian History programs:

Alpha Omega: Switched-On Schoolhouse World History -- 10 units, from Ancients to Present -- scope & sequence

Abeka: World History -- video teacher on DVD -- lease program (you return the DVDs at the end of the year)

Bob Jones: World History -- DVDs, or option of DVDs + books


Workbook-based 1-year Christian History programs:

Alpha Omega LifePac: World History -- ten workbook units

ACE (Accelerated Christian Education): World History -- ten PACE workbook units, Ancients to fall of Communism (end of 20th century)



World Lit programs (Christian-friendly) for 1 credit English:

Excellence in Literature: World Lit.  -- 9 units, plus Honors track option

Lightning Literature -- World Lit. I (Africa and Asia), World Lit. II (Latin America, Africa, Asia) -- two 1-semester units


World Lit programs (strongly Christian) for 1 credit English:

James Stobaugh: World Literature -- Cathy Duffy review

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Perhaps you could use BJU US History with the dvds and BJU American Lit with the dvds as well. If you want her to read several full-length works, you can add them without adding any extra analysis/writing. All the assignments would be BJU-generated...though I guess you would have to do the grading.


I am using the BJU American Lit book as part of my US History/Lit plan for next year and I like the selection of excerpts, poetry, and short stories. If your student is a good reader, you can assign background information from Sparknotes to go along with books like Huckleberry Finn, Up From Slavery, The Great Gatsby, etc., so you can be sure that they understand what they are reading. This wouldn't require your involvement...though, in my experience, kids do like to discuss their books with someone. Even my analysis-resistant child like to talk about his books!



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