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Dictionary recommendations?

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What dictionary would you recommend for an early elementary kid doing MCT? I think she would really like one of the children's dictionaries with some visuals, but it needs to include complex Latin-based vocab words and etymology of root words included. Does something like this exist?

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If she is doing MCT, a children's dictionary won't have nearly enough words.

I like an electronic dictionary because looking up words in a paper dictionary is a pain.

When I did Caesar's English with my daughter, she enjoyed looking up the words

and seeing synonyms because it was so easy. If she had to use a paper dictionary,

neither of us would have enjoyed it.

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We had the Macmillan one and I thought it was a good balanced one for early elementary - not so babyish that it was useless, enough "big" words, but still with some pictures and appealing visuals and other kid friendly design elements. They outgrew it by the end of 4th grade for sure, but I was glad we had gone with a children's dictionary for a little while.


ETA: We don't have it anymore, so I'm not sure if it had roots... Actually, I'm pretty sure it didn't. I just remembered being pleased that it had those sorts of words at all. Like I said, it had enough big words for early elementary for us. When you say MCT I assume we're talking Island and Town at this point and I think if you want a children's dictionary, just get one and have both on hand. She'll gravitate to whatever makes the most sense.

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