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Thinkwell pre-calc

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So, continuing our quest for a good fit precalc for ds, we're now looking at Thinkwell. 

In searching the boards, I saw this post from Jann in Tx http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/367652-thinkwell-algebra-2-vs-pre-calculus/?p=3800978

in which she says "It is a SUPPLEMENT... not enough practice problems for the average student. The videos cover all of the bases--but it really lacks the practice students need. "

If you were going to add in extra practice, what would you use? Is there a way to use Aleks to add additional problems to the Thinkwell and ensure adequate grasp of material? 


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How many questions are there if you know offhand? 

this kid is coming off TT Alg 2 so he's used to lesson + about 5 practice problems related specifically to the lesson & 20-25 problems which are a mix of current & previous topics. He's a good but slow worker & that's about his daily limit for math.

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