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Mean girls


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... Sadly, my own!


Julia and Sophie (9 years old) get along for the most part but they can be so mean too!  Like today Julia told their mutual friend that she wasn't friends with Sophie.  Why would she feel the need to say that?  Why can't all 3 of them just be friends?  (And often they are... but still)!   But the real kicker is that Julia doesn't feel a lot of remorse.  She's just interested in defending herself.  When I was a kid and my mom talked to me about treating people right, or anything that I may have done wrong, I felt really bad.  How can I reach Julia's heart?  How can I help these sisters be true friends? 

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Some kids feel threatened by having their faults pointed out, and respond by being defensive.


Threesomes in my experience are almost always problematic.


Do Julia and Sophie have their own individual interests and activities?


The book "Siblings Without Rivalry" might be helpful.

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