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Has anyone tried the new Galore Park Chemistry?

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Has anyone tried the new Galore Park Science for Common Entrance: Chemistry book?  My DS loves chemistry, and this looks both clear and colorful, as well as completely up to date, since it was just published in 2015.  Any thoughts?  How easy it it to implement?  I see there's an answers book, is that what I can use to teach from?  I don't want to put random parts of programs together, want it completely secular, and want an at least middle school level of chemistry instruction.

I haven't used Galore Park before, but we've already gone through several elementary-level chemistry programs (he doesn't quite have all the maths yet for full-blown high school chemistry texts).  Hence our desire for a middle school level chemistry program that's relatively easy to implement, straightforward science, and hopefully interesting. http://www.galorepark.co.uk/Product/9781471847103.aspx 

Anyone tried it yet? Or even seen it?

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I haven't tried this course, but I have several other of the "old" Galore Park books, and the answer books are just that: answers, and that is all. The textbooks teach everything in the lesson. 


BTW, you can download the e-textbook for 30 days to see if you like it before you buy.

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