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Hypothetical question about gap years and scholarships

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My daughter is graduating a year early at just turned 17. She has been accepted to our nearby 4 year school as a pre special education major. All her choice. She is having cold feet. Questioning whether she made a mistake as she is watching her friends compete for scholarships to Christian universities. Is there any way she could apply for these types of scholarships AFTER a gap year. Not defer acceptances or scholarship offers, but start apply for them during the gap year. And taking the ACT and SAT again too. Totally out of the question right?

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My son applied to colleges during the fall of his gap year.  He got merit scholarships at all of the schools he got into.


ETA:  And he took the ACT during the spring of what turned out to be his senior year (we didn't know he was going to graduate that year until that May).



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I want to make sure I understand the question. Are you wondering if she can go ahead and graduate this year and then she'd take a gap year. During that gap year she would put in applications to other colleges and apply for scholarships. If so, yes, that is certainly possible. If she has a scholarship at the four year school, she would likely not be able to hold on to that through a gap year. If she does opt for a gap year she should keep in mind that applications for some schools are due early in the fall. So, if she graduates in May that isn't giving her a lot of time to really build up her testing or academic record. She's probably want to try to get in another ACT or SAT before summer.


Also, just in case she hasn't already done this...  While deadlines for fall 2016 are past at most schools, but some small private schools especially are still accepting applications. Even if it is past the deadline she may want to contact admissions and see if they are still interested in her application. I've had students get accepted (and in some cases get merit aid) past application deadlines.


Good luck - and also please remind her she has until May 1st to make a decision so she should not feel rushed!

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