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Anyone here juice???

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Just curious about juicing. when you started how much did your grocery bill go up? If you are still juicing has your grocery bill went down or up?

How often do you juice? Has it helped you in maintaining your weight or lose weight that you wanted to lose?


Are there any juicers on the market for less than $100 that are worth getting?

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My weight went down and I use to have so much energy. I have to admit. It has been terribly hard to juice now with children and homeschooling. I was vegetarian. I had energy. I don't remember if it saved me money. I juice now once in awhile. I get 5-10lbs of carrots (that is your staple in juicing). I juice that and then I add barleen greens or I will juice spinach (yum!) to go with my carrot juice. I have purchased Trader Joe's carrot juice in the past, but my husband says that mine is better tasting.


I don't have the time to clean out the compartments. I would make carrot muffins or carrot bread with the pulp.





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I "inherited" my parents' juicer when they were downsizing - it was something they went thru a phase doing and then just stopped. It is a nice one and was a little on the expensive side ....I don't think I would have spent that money on one but... it does work well. It supposed makes nut butters and things too but I haven't tried that too. I'd *like* to make almond butter some day! I can't compare it to other brands.


I've been juicing over the past month daily - before that it was sporadic. I'm juicing for the health benefits for dh. I do it every week day morning before he leaves for work - so he has it with his breakfast. I juice about 8 carrots, 2-3 apples, spinach or kale (some type of SUPER green), and sometimes ginger and or beets. I don't know how it has affected our grocery bill - I know that I can buy the large bag of organic carrots at BJ's cheaper than at Publix.


I don't think it affected my weight at all but I'd like to think it has a positive affect on our health.



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