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Summer work?


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This was my first year homeschooling our daughters ages 6 and 8. We will be taking summer off for the most part, but I hope that they will retain most or some of what we have learned.

I'm thinking Xtra math or a MUS lesson once or twice a week for both of them.

We read tons of books, so that's not really a concern. Would easy grammar be a good summer workbook for my 8 year old? We use ETC and it's tied into our curriculum, so I don't want to use them until we start our next year.

What about for my rising 1st grader?

I think I'm just looking for some easy "grab and go" workbook type things for both of them. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have :)

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You could browse workbooks at a regular bookstore and maybe get one that covers the general s&s from your year at home, doing a few pages every day 5-10 min or whatever. They should seem easy to the kids but still review most everything. Kaplan and sylvan tend to have grade level books. Also if you go to warehouse stores like Costco they have a ton of them, or Amazon but then you don't know what you're getting and the s&s will be a gamble.

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