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Sans Famille, En famille (H.Malot)

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Do something like literatureguides exist in French?

Or some other projects around books?

After the abridged Carmen and abridged Cyrano de Bergerac I would like to try the unanbridged Sans Famille / En Famille en Francais.


But for our portfolio for the inspector of Education, I need something more then a readinglist.

( my abridged editions included activities)

Dd will become 13 next year and still have to pass our 8th grade exam for this subject.

The exam will be focused on communication skills though, not on Literature.

This will be an extra project to keep dd interested...

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I'm thinking about this...  I feel like I've seen them at Schoenhoff's (our foreign language bookstore).  I suppose you could call them and ask.  They have a website.  Sometimes I've seen questions in the back of the book.  Would CNED have questions for a particular book?  It might be hard to track down the right section, though.  Sometimes, I had my son follow the Writing Strands book report format and write a book report in French for a book read in French.  Sometimes I had mine write summaries for every paragraph or chapter (in English) for a book read in French.  I usually glanced through the chapter and pulled out vocab words for my son to look up and write the def for (in a French/French dictionary.  Sometimes I had him pick out the unknown words himself.  Usually I had him look the book up on Wiki so he would know the background.  Perhaps you could do this on the French version of Wiki?  If your book (which I'm not familiar with) appears there?



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Sans Famille and En Famille are two books, and well known in translation in Dutch.

But the title is different translated ( Alone on the world in Dutch, in English Nobody's Boy)

Sans famille is about Remy, and we plan to travel a part of his travel through France next Year.


I will think about the book report idea.

It might work if I plan it well.


I don't think calling to USA from Belgium is a great idea ;)

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