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9th grade world history recommendation - Omnibus III or similar?


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Planning DS HS curriculum, start fall 2015. He's loved Beautiful Feet Ancient and BF Medieval History the last 2 yrs. Loves every subject, voracious reader. He can't stand "repeating". We desire "traditional" HS social studies path - year of world, year (or two) of US, year of gov't/civics/econ. I'd like to let him finish his world history in sequence next year.


Recommendations for rigorous HS world history that is a year long, covering pre-Reformation to current?

1) Less parent is needed, the better.

2) Biblical worldview emphasizing God's sovereignty.

3) Literature-based with spine is good but open to primarily textbook.


Omnibus III from Veritas Press looks impressive but DW finds it intimidating. We've never done classical approach, and worry it might be too much with Landry. But DS LOVES school and can handle high volume without duress. We're more than comfortable with it's Reformed perspective.


Thank you!

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I am a major Omnibus fan.  If it were not for clashes of worldview, we would definitely be using it.  Depending on how employment goes for me, we might still be using it! 


The only thing that might not resonate a ton with your list was the idea of less parent the better.   Omni does require a fairly nice portion of discussion, debate, reading papers, and a borderline Socratic approach to the theology section of the curriculum.  One of the largest strengths is that it asks the student to find themselves in the literature, find their religion in the literature, and to reconcile all three subjects (theology, literature, history) together.  That is very hard to do without a sounding board and guiding force.  The parent/mentor/what have you becomes that part. 

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Thanks for replies. DS is up for more rigor than BF. I checked out the self-paced online Omnibus option. It looks promising. I hesitate only b/c he'll be doing online math and Landry for English. Although primarily or totally online might be in his future, we aren't quite ready for that for him.


We will try to get our hands on Omni 3 at a vendor fair.


Three more ?s:

1) We've never done classical approach, only been homeschooling for two years (also DD 6th grade). Will it be hard to "get" the style of Omni?

2) DS could likely handle Landry and Omni workload, but not sure that's best. Is it easy to pare down the Omni reading list without diminishing the curriculum?

3) Do you, or does anyone you know, use Omnibus while pursuing high-level math and science? Or is it mainly for humanities-heavy folks?

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