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  1. Has anyone gotten pushback on reasonable boundaries? I have a few friends who have struggled with this. Not necessarily coming and going related, but basic picking up after yourself, etc. Things that were established in the household all their lives are suddenly an onerous imposition, lol.
  2. You too! Congrats to your guy. Our group is hoping to have a grad, although the plans be a changin’ left and right. DS was chosen to speak, which was pretty special. The local high school got all of their senior spring athletes (both of my guys are varsity tennis there) big picture posters and hung them alongside the football field for a drive by parade, which was very cool. (It was especially cool that the athletic office remembered and included my DS, considering he doesn’t even go to school there, lol.) I still don’t know that we are going to even try to do a party... that might be pushing our luck. I have no interest in getting sick again this year. Six weeks in Jan/Feb was more than enough for this chick.) But, at least he is getting some fun, memorable stuff:)
  3. Have I told you lately how I love you? (Picture me singing this:) Boring is highly underrated sometimes. I find myself very much appreciating it right now! and ditto, @Krissi I miss you all too!
  4. @wilrunner, that is so helpful. You have a very similar approach to how we handle things in general. Luckily, we have a really good base, and they are really good kids. We, too, has a DS/DH conflict over the weekend, and that is what prompted this post. We are fine with (most;) of their decisions, etc. They make good choices often. But, I know going forward that we need to set the expectations from the front end. I don’t give advice much unless asked in specific situations. Hopefully, all of our extensive homeschooling discussions have planted enough seeds that I don’t have to. I have told DS that I have no interest in running his life. I am only interested in loving him. He has already said that he knows if I ever stick my nose in something, he will listen because he knows that my nose stays out unless something is imminently awful. That was nice to hear. I need to make clear that... I am not their maid. If they live here, they are part of a household that needs all parties to contribute in some manner. They can have crappy days, but they don’t get to take it out on the people who are kindest to them. As someone said in a different thread, full independence means fully providing for yourself. If you want to reap the rewards of OUR hard work, there are some responsibilities that are inherent in that. @RootAnn, we are usually one of the more relaxed homeschool families in our area. I tend to have high standards/tighter rules for the kids when they are very young, and then keep opening it up as they get older. We have never had to do curfews or anything like that... we decide what makes sense for whatever activity they are doing. Keep it coming. It is so helpful to read what people have done and why/how they have done it. Obviously, everybody has their own version of family life. I’d rather have more info to sift through than less, lol. Like most things:)
  5. Hey Junie! How are you guys doing graduation recognition for your 2020-er? Good times, lol.
  6. Hey y’all. Happy June:) I am finally catching up on life. I know I said that in the winter, and last summer and the year before that, lol. We have now lost 3 parents and a nephew. I was ill for 6 weeks in Jan. Still have a brother to arrange care for, but other than that, our dementia/caregiving journey has (God-willing) come to an end. If I can just get my senior to finish his senior year, I think I might breathe again. Cheech and Chong, the cats, say hello to ITT. I plan on spending a few mornings going back through posts to see how everyone is doing...
  7. Congrats to your daughter... Hillsdale should have a group called “Offspring of the Hive”:)
  8. My oldest is turning 18 in a few weeks. He will be home a few months before heading off to college. He will likely be back for vacations and summers. To all of the moms who have semi-launched or launched kids, what are your thoughts? What house rules make sense with newly-minted 18yos and/or college kids bouncing between home and college? What did you do that helped your relationship as they transitioned to adults? What would you choose not to do if you had a do over? Any thoughts on sibling relationships between the launched and those still at home? What have you found to be reasonable with that elusive line of giving support (financial, etc), expecting respect, expectations as a member of a household, etc. We treat our kids with respect as a matter of course... yet, I know we are - and will be - dealing with some of that illogical pushback/arrogance that comes with the age... tips on handling that well would be excellent - real life language and examples are even better:)
  9. Congratulations to everyone! I still can’t believe we are at this point. I remember being on this forum when my kids were itty bitty. My Senior was accepted ED at Hillsdale College. It is his first choice, and he got a great merit award. It is a terrific fit for him. It’s funny how things work out. My plan was always so much college searching, lots of options. It turns out I had a more single-minded kid than I expected:D eta: ignore my sig, life has had me off the forum for far too long:)
  10. Susan, too funny, I can just picture you beating the snot out of the wasp. Why? Because that could have been me anytime a stinging creature decides to invade my space. #phobiassuck Oh, how many of those moments I have had in recent years... you are a terrific mom. I agree with Slache... a not great mom would have told her to copy from the encyclopedia😈 Praying for Jean’s DD... I had a horrible (said with weird French accent) experience with wisdom tooth extraction. So much pain. I feel for her. Slache, your DH must really love you to give up the grass, lol. By the way, we got two cats (littermates). Guess what the family - after literally hours and hours of deliberation - decided to name them... Cheech and Chong😬 Cheech is a girl, beautiful and long haired... she mostly goes by CheeChee. Chong is sleek and corny. They are both super cuddly and funny. I think God knew our family needed a combo of snuggles and laugh out loud crazy. So he gave us the kittehs. Jojo! Junie! Prairie! WhiteHawk! Critter! Angi! ...🥰🥰🥰
  11. Thanks, Lynn. ((Hugs back)). It is nice to be back, instead of just doing a drive by;) It has been a road... hopefully, now life will let us finish strong with school. I can’t believe I have a junior and a freshman right now... so much time and energy has gone into other things. Now, we are circling the wagons, lol.
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