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FYI: Coursera Intro to Chemistry: Reactions and Ratios course

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Started in Feb 2015

"This is an introductory course for students with limited background in chemistry; basic concepts involved in chemical compositions, periodic trends, reactions, and quantitative problem solving will be emphasized with the goal of preparing students for further study in chemistry."

Optional text "Nivaldo Tro’s Introduction to Chemistry: Essentials 4th Edition"

"Course Syllabus
Week One: Introductions with an overview of scientific methods, scientific notation, measurements, units and unit conversions, using proper significant figures to indicate precision, general concepts in matter and energy including definitions of atoms, elements, molecules, compounds, and moles, chemical formula stoichiometry, basic layout of the periodic table, examples of endothermic and exothermic reactions, and Coulomb’s law.

Week Two: More study of atomic structure including ions and isotopes, information on the organizations of the periodic table of elements including some periodic trends (orbital energy, ionization energy, electronegativity, and atomic radius), identification of the subatomic particles most critical to chemical reactions, and introduction to ionic bonding. Introduction to calculations involving heat capacity and density.

Week Three: Determination of oxidation states, comparison of ionic and covalent bonding concepts, nomenclature for both ionic and molecular compounds including those containing polyatomic ions, and introduction to calculations involving formula mass and/or density.

Week Four: Introduction to chemical composition calculations (compound stoichiometry); application of mole ratios and more practice with gram/mole and mass percent calculations; determination of empirical and molecular formulas; balancing chemical reaction equations.

Week Five: No new topics this week. Optional peer-reviewed writing assignment due for students interested in earning a statement of accomplishment with distinction.

Week Six: Practice writing and balancing chemical reaction equations for dissolution processes; reaction stoichiometry application exercises; introduction to equilibrium constants using the solubility product constant as an illustration; electrolytes.

Week Seven: Introduction to precipitation, acid-base, and redox reactions; more practice applying reaction stoichiometry concepts; reaction calculations including limiting reagent, yield, and enthalpy changes.

Week Eight: No new topics this week. Complete exam and course survey."

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Ooohh. I have no experience with Coursera. Is this something we could start now at the beginning? Or is it a class with specific dates?


Ds11 has been watching Khan Academy Chemistry videos (of his own free will) but it's more comprehensive than a 5th grader needs and doesn't seem to have any problems for him to work through (of course we're on the first unit, so I don't know if later units are more interactive).

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You can start now. My kids just use my account since we are not going for the certificate.

This course first lesson was on significant figures which was nice since my older has forgotten that from his math.

You can download the course videos to watch offline. There is an Coursera app for iPad/iPhone too.

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