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X-[post. Open and go Geography

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We went with Runkle's Geography but with a twist.  I knew my son would not be able to memorize and spell all the names and capitals of every country.  So, I had him use http://sheppardsoftware.com/to learn where all the countries are located.  He can now place the countries within 10 miles and has moved onto Level 4.  His goal is to get to level 6 for every continent.


He officially knows where more countries are then I do.


We also used Quizlet to help create tests.  Check out http://quizlet.com/subject/Runkle/  One family did a great job back in 2011 making up sets of cards to go with each chapter.  It's the doerrfamily .  Use their cards.


Using both helped to lower the amount of writing my son had to do.  This lowered his frustration level and helped him to focus on learning.  I also give him verbal chapter review tests.  Geography is one of his favorite subjects.

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