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Well, I never thought I'd be posting here!

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Is this the forum for parents who do what I call "dual school?" That is, we have kids who are both at home being schooled and in a b & m school? Also, is this a place to hang out with moms who teach at school and then come home and teach at home as well? The first transition to putting one kid in school while keeping one at home was hard on me - emotionally mostly. I felt as if I'd lost my mooring. Now it's great and they are both thriving. However, I'm now considering an additional transition to teaching as well. I feel as if I'll be a little bit over my head: teaching at a public high school, helping the one at school, homeschooling the one at home and I also do after school with the one in school. My head's a little wobbly just trying to hold it all together and hoping I don't drop any balls!

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