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Caesar's English-how to do it??????

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We are still working on some grammar town and will finish over the summer.  Starting to look at some of the other components of the products but I am a bit confused by the Caesars' grammar.  How have you used this?  do you make flashcards for the kids to practice memorizing roots, stems and whole words?  Or is there enough practice in the book that the kids just remember the words?  Flashcards have never worked very well here, but I guess I am willing to try again.  Just wondering what others have done!!

Thanks for your wisdom


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DS made paper flashcards for the stems and the words. For the quizzes, the student is also given the definition and had to supply theCaesar's English word. Therefore, DS reviewed the cards in both directions.


We use anki for other things, but he prefers index cards for CE.

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I think it just depends on your kid - my DS10 prefers to practice his words and roots by being quizzed orally. Sometimes I make crossword puzzles, word scrambles or matching pages to help him practice. Sometimes I have him make his own puzzles. (My husband is quite the sport and completes any puzzles created by the kids. The last crossword puzzle had yellow-bellied sapsucker as one of the answers  ;) )


We don't spend too much time practicing words. The book does most of the work for us.

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I bought mini flashcards on a ring, and we write all the roots and vocab words on them. We go through them each day. Each day I tell my son to pick one of his vocab words and he has to use it somehow during the day. I make it like a game, and I do it too, but I try to use as many of the words as possible. He gets so excited when he can use a word he's learned. He usually finds a silly way to use it, which causes a lot of laughter--mostly on his part. He thinks he's funny.


For roots, I have him make up words. His favorite word that he's made up is subwear. Instead of underwear, he now wears subwear. He thinks it's the funniest thing.



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