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Penpal in Italy? Other parts of Europe? Asia? Central or South America?

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UPDATE: Since I got no response from my previous request for a penpal from Italy (I guessed as much as there are probably not many English-speaking homeschoolers living in Italy who are also on this board), I'm casting a wider net this time. Any penpal for DS10 in other parts of Europe, Asia, Central or South America? I think he would like a different continent than his sister, who's already got a penpal in Australia. He would also like a penpal in a different continent than the one he lives in.


This was my original post:


My DS10 saw that his sister got a penpal on this board from Australia (yay!) and now he wants one too. He really likes everything to do with Italy, and although it's a tall order, I was wondering if anyone here who's around DS' age (1-2 years younger is fine) lives in Italy and would like a penpal from the US. 





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Guest ValC

Hi, I'm new here and saw your post. We are currently living in Italy and I have a daughter that writes to several friends in the US. Let me know if you are still looking for a pen pal for your son!

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