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Beast Academy 4B


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I can't believe that no one seems to have posted this. I got the email 2 days ago that Beast Academy 4B is now available. Also, if I missed the thread for this some where else, then can a mod please delete this? Thanks.


This is the email I was sent...




Greetings from Beast Academy;

The newest books from Beast Academy, Art of Problem Solving's elementary math curriculum, are now available at http://www.beastacademy.com/store/4b, and from the Art of Problem Solving web site at http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Store/beastacademy.php.  Find sample pages, diagnostic tests, and more at both sites.

Beast Academy 4B includes a chapter on Division, along with chapters on Counting and Logic; these are topics that you are not likely to find explored so deeply in any other elementary math curriculum.

The series consists of Guide books that present lessons in an engaging comic book format, and Practice books that provide problems and puzzles to reinforce the lessons.

You may also visit our Facebook pages for additional updates and information:

Best regards,

--Beast Academy




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