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Dynamo Math

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OK, it seems 6 month subscription is @$99. For an additional $31 or so there are parent teaching resources and worksheets. Do I need this also?


She is 12 going on 13. I am wondering if this will be too easy for her. We did the trial and she flew through the samples until we got to the last two levels. 

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Hmmm, I'm a bit confused by this.  Let me step through this and see if I understand everything.


O.k. yes some of this may be "too easy" at the beginning.  It goes back to incredibly basic math patterns and not every child needs that type of review.  I found out, though, that with my kids one of the reasons they were tripping up in higher elementary math was because they had not mastered those basic math patterns yet.   It slowed them down in higher level math more than I had initially realized.  For concepts that they could demonstrate they fully understood I allowed them to do more than one on-line lesson a day, along with a corresponding work sheet.  Anything that they seemed less certain of or were having to count on fingers, etc. and couldn't see the patterns in their heads we slowed down, did more teacher/student activities and more on-line and worksheet practice.  Are you saying that you do not have access to the instructor/student activities unless you pay an additional fee?  Or that they will send a pre-printed version for an additional fee?


Also, we had access to the worksheets on-line and print them out as need but that was part of the cost.  The only issue is they are formatted for British A-4 paper instead of U.S. letter size paper.  Not a big deal most of the time but I did end up purchasing A-4 paper on-line for items that weren't printing correctly.  Do they mean they can provide a printed version of the worksheets for an additional fee but you would still have access to the sheets on-line to print out yourself if you didn't purchase the pre-printed version?


When I talked to customer service they explained that they didn't it necessary to purchase more than 6 months access right off the top because many children remediating basic math skills complete the entire program in 6 months, before moving on to a more standard curriculum.   For those that end up needing extra time, they can extend it.  The $99 was a flat fee that covered access to teacher instruction and worksheets (I just have to print them out myself).


Not certain I have helped you at all. 

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I guess you need to clarify.  I have access to the parent/teacher to student activity resources for free, but maybe they have added something more robust?  Or again, maybe they are offering a printed version at an additional cost?  I have always gotten great response from customer service so surely they would answer your questions?  Interestingly, just today DD could not log on.  First time this has ever happened.  I have asked them to help find out why and hope to get a response relatively soon....

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Heavy sigh...forget what I said.  Our subscription just expired (I though It was expiring mid-May but I wrote the expiration date down wrong).  DD still has most of Dynamo Math Level 4 to complete.  I asked her if she really wanted to renew or felt that the Ronit Bird stuff along with switching back to a normal curriculum would work.  She begged me to renew.  She told me that Dynamo Math is helping her "see" math and she wants to finish it before moving on.  So i renewed.  And had to pay for the teacher resource access (teacher lessons and worksheet access).  You really need the teacher resources and worksheets or you will only be doing about 1/3 of the program.  Ugh!

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