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Salem, Oregon

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After an extremely disappointing job search, we finally got a call to interview at our top choice!  So excited.  


Ok, so here's the quandry: 5 kids, cats and old large dog (not destructive). We were hoping to rent for a year first but need something pretty cheap.  We're not rich by any stretch of the imagination.  It's only for 9-12 months of renting, so small is not a problem.  We've lived in 800 sq ft with 4 kids and the pets just fine.  We'll be outside or around town most of the time, anyway.  So does anyone know how the rental market is?  Good places to look?  I've done some Google-fu, but I'd like to hear from locals. :)


Also, any info on these would be great:


Homeschool groups (Secular only)

Violin/music lesson recommendations

Kids sports recommendations

Best grocery stores

Just anything else I should know or is awesome. :)



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