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Need help planning dd's year. Last minute freaking out.

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This will be dd's last year at home.  We've been homeschooling WTM style since she was in first grade, but have mainly been doing English and History at home in high school, and she does everything else at ps.  She wants to graduate with a diploma from the ps, so will go full time her senior year.  That means I need to combine the 3rd and 4th year of the WTM cycle into one year.  I'm having trouble deciding what to keep, because we can't possibly fit it all in.  She took American History at the ps as a freshman, and will take AP Government next year, so I'm not going to spend too much time on those. 


Does this list look doable?  Or is it way too much?  Anything I should add or get rid of?  Any major omissions? 


At ps:

AP Physics (starts 2nd quarter, and the first few months are supposed to be easy-mainly a math review)

Spanish 4

Anatomy and Physiology

Precalculus (will be mostly review for her)


At home:


Paradise Lost- TC video lecture 1 day(video)

Pensees- TC video lecture 1 day(video)

Pilgrim’s Progress - TC video lecture 1 day(video)

Candide - Voltaire 2 weeks

Pride and Prejudice 4 weeks

short story by Edgar Allen Poe (Cask of Amontillado?) 1 day

Jane Eyre 4 weeks

Scarlet Letter   2 weeks

A Tale of Two Cities  6 weeks

Les Miserables (film only) 2 days

The Yellow Wallpaper 3 days

The Awakening 2 weeks

Great Gatsby 2 weeks

Of Mice and Men 2 weeks

Old Man and the Sea 1 week

Fahrenheit 451 2 weeks

A Good Man is Hard to Find 2 days

To Kill a Mockingbird 5 weeks


2 weeks of poetry (Coleridge, Keats, Whitman, Dickinson, etc)

The Elegant Essay (crash course -2-3 weeks)

Windows to the World (rest of the year)



Spielvogel as a spine

Mayflower Compact

Common Sense

The Declaration of Independence

Articles of Confederation

The Federalist Papers

The Constitution of the United States

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Democracy in America - deToqueville (selections)


Intro to Philosophy

Sophie's World with supplemental readings (First quarter)


Any advice or opinions would be much appreciated.  I am a math/science person and am way out of my comfort zone here. 


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Looks like a lot, but then, I think you may be overestimating the time you spend on some works. What do you want to do with four weeks for Jane Eyre and P&P each, and five weeks for Mockingbird?

I find it difficult to see whether something is "missing", because I can not really discern the theme behind your literature selections. But then, I would not worry about that. I'd start at the beginning and see how far you get and how long everything takes, and make adjustments during the year. No literature course can be comprehensive, and the student can keep reading all his life and filling the gaps - the course only gets them started with some sort of foundation.

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