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Dumb questions for Sonight users re: the IG

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I've never used Sonlight, but I've been researching, and there's something I don't understand. The IG has weekly lesson plans in grid format, right? And it has notes for the teacher for... which subjects? History, literature, and Bible? And aren't there study guides for the read-alouds and read-alones? Are these printable, or just questions for the teacher to discuss with the students? Are there suggested hands-on activities? Is map work assigned? Do you have to buy a separate student pack for maps, worksheets, etc.? And finally, what do you think is a reasonable price for a 2004 Core 6 IG? Thanks for your help!

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The IG has the grid schedule, and notes for the books in history, lit (mostly tied to history), Bible, and map work/timeline suggestions. The notes for the Read Alouds will have vocabulary words and discussion questions, the notes for the Readers will have comprehension questions and vocabulary words. You do not have to buy a separate packet of worksheets/maps, it's all in the IG. There are no worksheets/tests to print off that the students are expected to fill in--there's not a lot of written work scheduled in most of SL's cores, but many folks have students write out answers to the comprehension/discussion questions, or write out vocabulary words and definitions. An older IG (pre 2011) will have the notes for each book separate from the grid schedule. The map work is very basic: find X on a map *the Markable Map from SL, but you can use any map* from ___ book that you are currently reading. Core 6/G does not have hands on activities scheduled in.


I have seen IG's for an older Core 6/G go for anywhere from $25-$50, depending on condition and what is included (binder, tabs, etc.)


Sorry if I'm not very coherent; the kids are um...being kids, and making it hard to think.

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What she said.


Also I have both the older and newer format. I used G last year with the newer format (my first year) and I really hated it!! If you are out of sinc with the IG (say you read two chapter instead of one) then it is really hard to find the discussion questions-- or if you decided to NOT do that particular book at all...


I just started core H with the older IG format and is it ever nicer!!!! The discussion questions are by book, not day so you wander from the schedule and still be able to use the IG without losing your mind!!


Really recommend the older IG's



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