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Public School Extra curric's in CA - ?

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Hi all....I'm wondering if anyone here has had an experience with sending a child to the local Public school for an extra curricular. We're in CA - my ds will be in 6th and he wants to play the trumpet....I believe it's "ok" by law for him to participate but I have a sneaky feeling that the school will somehow oppose my request.

The school secretary was very hesitant to even tell me the band teacher's name! We have participated in the local free community band for kids and it's not something we want to continue.

I'm looking for advice and how to word my future conversation/email





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Technically, private school students (that would be your ds; California is a private school state) can take classes at local public schools, but it's still up to the individual school. IOW, the public school is not required to admit private school students. You can offer to provide report cards (public school students often have to maintain a certain GPA in order to take classes like band; it would be reasonable for private school students to do the same).

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