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Meals during and after chemotherapy


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Can any one give me some advice on this. I am making a schedule of meals for a friend starting chemotherapy. I am sure her plan is pretty typical - treatments every three weeks, but each treatment can be delayed if blood test in the days before are not what is optimal.


This makes scheduling meals really hard. How have others managed this? I am trying to schedule meals using an online service for the day of treatment itself, and then the third and fifth days after. It's just her and her husband, and she thinks this will be sufficient. But I hate to post dates through October and then have the calendar change because of bad white cell counts. I don't know a lot of her friends, so I do feel a bit funny about sudden changes, though I guess people roll with the punches.


Any advice?

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You are planning this online? I would have people sign up by week 1, day 1 etc. with the understanding that may fall on June xx or xx, etc. And be sure to post updates ASAP or make an email list.

Also frozen meals that she can eat later when she feels like it might be good. (Especially single serve). My mom would rarely eat when my dad was not in the mood (he had cancer first), but she might have been tempted if single serve meals were ready, kwim?

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