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Math Without Borders CD/Foerster's - A mini review

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In my continuing quest to find the right Algebra program for this year, I recently found out about and purchased Math Without Borders which is a CD-based program that coincides with Foerster's Algebra I text.


I am offering a preliminary mini review of this program. Please keep in mind that I am no math expert. I simply want to share my thoughts on this program in case others would like more information from a non-mathy mom's POV. :001_smile:


This program consists of 3 CD's, which cover every lesson in the Foerster's Algebra I text. They are very easy to install, and the lessons are organized by chapter and then section - very easy to implement. I just click on the icon on my pc and begin.


Samples of the type of presentation are available on the site. Please note that the samples on the site are not a good representation of the video/sound quality, which is crisp and clear. What you get is a presentation of all of the lessons in the text the same way a teacher would present them. There are no answers or solutions, except for what is worked out in the video lessons themselves.


I watched the lessons for the first two chapters, and a few later ones.


The teacher, Mr. Chandler, presents the lessons in a slow, methodical manner, giving clear explanations for every step. He elaborates and goes beyond what is presented in the text - the same way a good teacher would. He also shows different ways to solve the same problem.


He continues to remind the student of the reasons for learning certain concepts - keeping them focused on Algebraic thinking.


I like how he showed why and how dividing by a fraction is multiplying by the reciprocal.


Mr. Chandler has made Foerster's Algebra program more accessible to moms like me who are non-mathy, and need someone else to present the lessons to their dc. This program takes a positive step toward making Foerster's Algebra an independent text, for those who may have that need. I plan to work slightly ahead of my dd.


I think this program is an excellent choice for those who want a video-based math program with a professional teacher to present the material while maintaining the use of a standard text.


I think you could get by with the CD's, student text, and solutions manual. The jury is still out for me as to whether or not you need the TM.


Mr. Chandler, who posts here from time to time is welcome correct any misconceptions I may have shared here.


Hope that helps! :001_smile:

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Are these CDs dependent on a certain edition?


This program is based on Foerster's Algebra I:Expressions, Equations, and Applications c.2006 - The PH Classics version. The info. I received w/the program states that it can be used w/other versions of the text with minor rearrangements and substitutions of the topics.

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