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Newest editions of MUS?

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Any opinions on them yet? I would especially love to hear from some of you that used the older editions and switched over. I know that they just came out in March, but due to several recommendations, we are adding this into our day. It sounds like they were beefed up a bit, but as I have no experience I'd like to hear from others.

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I found some review that someone compared the differences because she had a copy of the new and old. I didn't save the link, but I got there through MUS on facebook. From the reviews I read I don't think there are many changes. Just some added instruction in the TM and extra enrichment worksheet (word problems). I'm happily going back to MUS because of the changes. :hurray:

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I looked at the new Delta student books at a homeschool convention. The books are the same pages A-F with an added page G. The added pages have more word problems, bar graphs, angles, and shapes. I went ahead and purchased the new student books even though I had an older copy. I think it will help my son with some topics he might see on his state mandated yearly standardized testing. If I didn't have the money I would have been ok to just use what we had. The MUS representative said the Alpha and BEta weren't really changed much, but simply added the enrichment pages into the student book instead of separate as they have been.


As a side note I sold my Delta student set the same day I advertised them.

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