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BJU Math - new vs old editions?

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My son will be in 6th grade in the fall. We have used BJU math new edition since K. I have all the old edition math books for grades 6-8 that I used with my oldest son. For 9th grade, the plan is to put him in a co op class. They will most likely be using the new edition of BJU Algebra 1 by that time. Any opinions?

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Not sure what to say. You see my sig. I cheap out (or maybe that should be CHEEP as in chicken, not CHEAP as in $$, cuz it's not, lol) and let TT do the bulk of the teaching, then I just come in with the BJU and top it off. The new editions are much more rigorous. My friend describes it as a full grade level bump. I'm not sure I'd say that, but it's definitely at least a *mental* leap, with much more challenging problems and more content in some areas. I'm sure there are some kids who would make that leap from old to new, but I sure wouldn't advise it, especially when you're already doing the new edition. I just gave away all my old edition BJU math. I'll use new edition when ds' time comes.

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