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  1. I have the DVDs and 'The Story of America' textbook by John Garraty that is recommended. I do not have the study workbook. Does anyone have the DVDs matched up with readings from this text? Thanks for any help!
  2. Just bumping this thread. I haven't been able to find it. Can someone look at their course guide and tell me if there is a recommended textbook with ISBN? Thanks!
  3. OK, so is it complete by itself? If we continue with Phonics Pathways & beginning readers with CLE LA 1, is that enough phonics? No need for Explode the Code?
  4. Thanks for the opinions. I use CLE LA with my older kids and planned on using it with my son. This year in K I used the first half of CLE LTR and it was just too much. I didn't use CLE with my older kis until grade 3, so I'm also nervous about not using ETC. This particular child needs all the phonics he can get! We are moving slowly through Phonics Pathways and plan to continue this into 1st grade. I guess I just have to choose :(
  5. I have read that people don't like the phonics. Can you tell me why? I had planned on using this with my son who will be in 1st grade this fall. His K year has shown me that he is not a full load of workbooks kinda boy. We are using Phonics Pathways and will continue through 1st. I'm trying to decide what to add. Maybe ETC and FLL orally? Or just CLE alone?
  6. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to teach the middle school level of the new edition. I'm a bit math phobic and have heard that it's considerably different. I think I will stay the course and if I get stuck, maybe add online or DVDs for my 11 year old. Thanks for your help!
  7. I have been reading through them along with BJU 1 to see if I should switch. The problem is that I really like BJU
  8. You are so helpful! I will be honest, I'm freaking out a little. I have 3 boys, 6, 11 and 16. BJU has been a good fit because the TM have been so helpful to me. It was a struggle with my oldest because I'm not great at math. We outsource for high school math because that's my limit. The idea of the books getting more difficult has me wondering if I should switch everyone! My 11 year old makes 95-100 on every test. When I showed him a cle book, he said it looked like scrambled eggs. That made me laugh but he was saying that he doesn't care for the spiral. Also he is doing so well that I have a hard time switching. So if I can get him through 7th grade, then I can certainly put him in the co op a year early if I feel prealgebra will do me in. ;) the 6th grade samples look good. My youngest is finishing K and I have already bought Rod & Staff and CLE 1st grade in addition to the BJU that I already own. (Can you tell I am in panic mode?)
  9. Do they go on sale regularly? If so, when should I look for it?
  10. Ok. That's what I was thinking in the back of my mind, but the cost... I also don't want him to be blindsided by the distance between old prealgebra and new Algebra 1. Is it much harder to teach than the old editions? I haven't been able to look at them in real life
  11. My son will be in 6th grade in the fall. We have used BJU math new edition since K. I have all the old edition math books for grades 6-8 that I used with my oldest son. For 9th grade, the plan is to put him in a co op class. They will most likely be using the new edition of BJU Algebra 1 by that time. Any opinions?
  12. I don't have it, but thought I would bump your question. I was hoping to find the course outline too!
  13. My son is in her two day Geometry class now. Last year he took Algebra 1 one day a week and I see that he clearly needs two days. It may depend on your student.
  14. I started with Phonics Pathways but my son dreaded it and would cry. We switched to LTR and it has been great. He is in K so I started a little early but we will only complete the first 5 books before summer. Actually the writing tied to reading is what helped him but each child is different. I don't like sight words but I teach him how to read them phonetically. It has worked out well. He is reading now and that's what wanted. I've never used OPGTR.
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