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U.S. Government & Voting Questions

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Does anyone know how to find out what the House & Senate are voting on next? I've done a tons of searches but I must not be using the correct words. Ideally, I'd like to find an easy to understand issue for the kids to follow. (Political party doesn't matter.) Thanks

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I use MegaVote. They send an email to me every week or two while Congress is in session. The email summarizes what votes are coming up, what votes have been taken, how my Congressmen have voted, and whether the bill has passed.




It has shown me a few interesting patterns. One of our Representatives votes NO on EVERYTHING except war and himself.


Meals on Wheels? No.

Education? No.

Gun Control? No.

Veterans? Yer outta luck.

Funding for Judicial or Executive Branches? No way, Jose!


War? YES!

Funding for War? YES!

Funding for Legislative Branch? YES!

Legislative Branch raises are automatic so Representatives don't have to vote on them every year? YES! YES! YES!!!


I wish I was kidding you, but I'm not.

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