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  1. There was a Cub Scout pack that "worked up" to the main dishes. If I remember correctly, 1st grades brought the paper products, 2nd graders brought the drinks, 3rd graders brought the desserts, 4th grades brought the sides and 5th graders brought the main dishes. Potluck only happened once a year and everyone could see the entire list each year so they knew what was going to happen next year. I grew up without ever having been to a potluck in my entire life. As an adult the first few times I went to potluck I was really lost.
  2. I have a bay window with honeycomb shades on the shady side of the house. I'm not sure the brand name we bought but oh, my, yes they're were worth every penny. When I lift the shade in the morning there is a huge, huge difference in temperature. The shades push all the way up, so perhaps, maybe there's 1" or 1.5" at the top but most of the view out of the window is unobstructed. I also have a picture window with honeycomb shades. I don't notice the temperature difference as much. The picture window is on the side of the house with the most direct sunlight.
  3. We do following the general guidelines other people of have posted...easy on bleach, no food, etc. I also agree that installation, maintenance and location all matter to your personal situation. Our home is about 60 years old and we're the third owners. After talking to neighbors (that have been here since the neighborhood was built) and knowing the type of work the building inspector did (or didn't do🙄) We've chosen to pump every year. It's about $125 and I try to be home and ask the company if they see anything unusual. We did add a lockable green cover. I have adventurous boys (and their friends) that figured out they could lift storm drain covers. I didn't want them to move onto the septic system. 😳
  4. I suspect each state is different. We often share this information with friends for whom the cost of insurance is nearly impossible. We encourage them to just get their license and then do nothing.
  5. In our state, it's helpful to get their license as soon as possible. If you get your license at 16.5 and never get car insurance (because you take the bus, walk, etc. ) The car insurance companies still credit you for "good driving time". Seriously, it's weird. So, when you finally get car insurance at 25 years old, your insurance will be cheaper than someone who waited to get their license and car insurance till they were 25 years old.
  6. I'm sorry. You have my deepest sympathies. Do expect yourself to mourn. It'll just be different than other kinds of loss. There were "errors" in the obit about me. Not big enough to raise eyebrows to strangers reading the obit but purposely written things that I would see. I'll never knew if the deceased parent requested it or the still living parent wrote it. Honestly, it was small potatoes compared to most of the stuff that's gone on with my parents.
  7. I vote not to say anything unless your friend has a pile of money to pay for college for four kids. I have a friend whose husband had an affair when the oldest child was 8th grade. The (then) 8th grader knew the details. I "think" the mom told the teen but we weren't super close friends at that time so I cannot be sure how the teen found out. So, all thru high school, the teen refused to see the dad at his new house with the "other woman". The teen would go if the dad took just her out for coffee, movies, etc... Dad didn't enforce the custody arrangement with the teen but did take the younger kids on his assigned days to the new house with his new partner. In this state, most divorces include an order for parents to split college costs. What that looks like in real life can be very different (and somewhat unenforceable). It's a little weird to basically ignore your dad's partner for four years then suddenly expect that the dad is going to use some of his income (that supports the new family) to help the angry teen pay for an expensive private college.
  8. We have a shelf for "travelling snacks". That shelf is snacks that can be packed for outside classes. Granola bars, pre-packaged nuts, etc. Those snacks are not eaten at home. (We need to do this to keep grocery costs down.) At home snacks are healthier and require more effort from the kids. A bowl of yogurt, hummus and cut-up carrots, cottage cheese, cut up an apple with peanut butter, make an egg w toast, etc. The public schooled neighbor kids will play with my homeschooled kids ;) I'm assuming those are kids she played with before being homeschooled? If so, then nudge her out the door to find so-and-so. I sometimes make a specific suggestions. I might remind my ds, "You know, Connor's mother requires him to walk the dog, then do homework. I just heard the bus drop off Connor. Grab our dog and walk with Connor." I cannot make suggestions about a specific sport. That's probably something you need to ask local parents. They would know which types of sports have opportunities for 10 year olds to start. In our area, the girls' volleyball teams won't really get started until middle school. So, that's a sport that everyone comes in new to the game.
  9. Our fees are similar to what other posters have listed. I have boys in Scouting. I have two Eagle Scouts. I was a Cub Scout committee chair for many years. We only invited FOS every other year. Why? Cause their presentation was way to long for a room full of young Cub Scouts on a school night. I wouldn't say, "We're not inviting you this year." I would just not respond to the FOS emails. How on earth is this gonna work? They're gonna send you a bill every month? . How are they going to get that money from Troops with low-income Scouts? How are they going to enforce this? Seriously, I would very much ignore their emails for a while. I would take a wait and see attitude. If you've got a Roundtable Council meeting coming up, you could attend that to maybe get a clearer picture.
  10. After living here awhile, I discovered that there are different rules for delivery when you live rurally. Like, yes, the truck can honk once and then just drive off. That "counts" as a delivery attempt. There's also some rule about they won't leave stuff on porches that don't have an overhang or aren't enclosed. There's some rule about the length of your driveway. I did go in a talk to the local office. That seemed to keep our driver from skirting too many of the rules. But the rules are different. I bought the largest mailbox I could afford. (One house nearby has a very large Rubbermaid tub with a lid at the end of their driveway.) I don't remember all the rules but I did a quick search and found this link
  11. Deepest sympathies. I'm so very sorry. We're friendly with a family that lost their grown son to a rare industrial accident (kinda like getting hit by lightening) At the time of the accident he was in recovery. It was so very shocking to his parents that he passed from something other than the addiction.
  12. For our boys, we went through about 100 diapers a week for the first six weeks.
  13. So, one of kids has requested meringue for their birthday. It can be pie, cake or cookie. Bonus points if it also has orange flavor in it. I'd rather not search the internet and hope a recipe tastes good. I'm hoping that someone here has a recipe that they've made and loved. Thanks!
  14. I cannot see the original post. However, I did wait tables and bartend for way too many years in both mom-and-pop places and chain restaurants. The places that covered the alcohol policies during the hiring and training process were the kind of places that would have management follow thru on those policies. The places that never covered alcohol policies during training were the kind of places that eventually I had a problem with a customer and no back-up from management.
  15. Ask at your Dental college or community college(dental hygienists training) or vocational high school.
  16. Yes, that's exactly in case in my state. Yes, we find it confusing too 🙂 I only mentioned it because for some families that financial information may help nudge the teen toward driving. Check with your car insurance company YMMV
  17. The reason we encourage our teen drivers to get their license at the end of the six months is due to the cost of car insurance. Insurance in this state "credits" the driver with "a good driving record" from the day they get their license. So, in our state, if your teen takes the test, gets his license and then never drives till he turns thirty, his cost for car insurance would be the exact same as my teen who turn the test and bought a car and drove every day until he turned thirty. Most teens start out paying just under $2,000/year for car insurance in this state. Getting their license asap helps towards good driving credits which drops the cost of car insurance each year. (Families can still make rules when teens get their license early.)
  18. We're on our third teen driver. Our family's goal is to have the teen drive every single day for 6 months in lots of different environments.
  19. Over the last year, we've bought 5 large-ish pieces of furniture. (Plus a patio set that was already outside.) Of the five pieces, only one was waiting at the bottom of the driveway. The other four pieces dh and I carried out to his truck.
  20. The area is a HCOL vacation destination. The cheapest event on that list is $40pp.
  21. Her dh has 20somethings from his first marriage and a grandkid. Sis & dh got married when the kids were six and eight. They had joint custody. So, they have had teens in their household.
  22. My sister is very aware of the rift because my mom filled everyone that would listen in on the details. After the rift, I was suddenly not invited to weddings, baby showers, birthdays etc., No one on my mother's side called and asked my anything. I was just suddenly left off the list. Someone threw my sister a baby shower in this state and I wasn't invited. At my dad's funeral, my brother's girlfriend says, " you're Susie..." It was so obvious that I had been talked about. For many, many years my sister avoided me. She's only started to see me because she wants her kid to meet my kids. I want to thank everyone for all the suggestions. I really do read and think about everything that's said.
  23. So, I've had no contact with my parents for about 8 years. Two year ago, my father passed. Dh and I and the kids attended the funeral. As we were leaving, my mother hissed a few unkind things into dh ear. Other than that, there was no "scene" at the funeral. My sister has lived out of state since she was eighteen. She now has a 4 year old. My sister has initiated contact and visited my home for an afternoon for the last two summers with the child but not her dh. (I'm not sure how often her dh is in this state) I believe that my sister and mother visit each other tons. My sister send a txt about her next visit with her dh and child. The txt reads, "We're doing cake and lunch for my dh's bday at mom's on XXX at 0:00pm if you guys can make it. I'm also doing an itinerary if any of you can make it to join us for any of it." She then adds a list of gocarts, museums, waterparks etc. for each day. I want to txt back, "Did you fall and hit your head?!" Honestly, it was good to see her for an afternoon once a year. Now, she's moved to expensive events, near my mother, and very likely my mother will be at all of these events and perhaps some of my mother's relatives that have taken my mother's side. Ugh., ugh, ugh. I'm leaning towards telling her that 1. my teens aren't interested in those events. 2. with teens' work schedules it's had to get them all together at the same time. 3. dh is not off from work that week. 4. all of the those events are outside our budget. 5. I'm NOT going anywhere near my mother without a million licensed therapist. Suggestions?
  24. I've have lived in a state where anyone can get a copy of my kid's birth certificates because dh and I were married at the time of birth. However, in that same state, I could not go pick up a copy of my nephew's birth certificate because his parents were unmarried at the time of his birth.
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