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I need a solid grammar program with diagramming for dd that is new to it...


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Hi! I will be using WT2 and some writing across the curr. for dd going into 6th. We will also start Henle and I know this starts off with diagramming as well. What can I use for grammar that includes diagramming but is still somewhat introductory as dd has not had this before? I want something that starts from the beginning (we have covered all basic parts of speech and there is grammar in WT) and that is not too simplistic (because I need to bump her up here) but does not become overly time-consuming or overly stressful. :001_smile: Is this possible? With dd at 11 it seems everything is overwhelming to her.:lol: I am shying away from R&S because I've I would probably have to backtrack her with this curr. (at least to 5th) and I want to keep grade levels out of this (her confidence is sooo easily wounded these days). Besides, one of my major goals is to resestablish her as a focused and confident student.


I would love any advice or ideas. I have read all the grammar threads lately and I can't seem to find the right one. If it's useful to know I may go to CW Homer next year and have considered Harvey's Grammar.


Thanks to all of you!!

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I will take a look at Growing with Grammar. I tried earlier but my computer wouldn't pull up the samples.


So, what do you think about using Harvey's Grammar. I only wonder because I have thought that if I go to CW Homer (for older beginners) that I could start the grammar a little earlier. Decision, decisions...


Thanks to all for your suggestions.


Any other ideas are welcome too.

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