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Does this seem like a good plan (for writing)?

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As much as I love WWE, and as much as I wish it was the perfect fit for my dd9, it just isn't. *pouts*


I've been doing some research on the boards, and have come across these two resources: Wordsmith Apprentice and Jump In. We will be starting 5th grade next month, and I thought about starting Wordsmith Apprentice, and then once we finish that move into Jump In. From what I understand, Jump In is a two year course, so these would take us through 7th grade.


I was really hoping to use WWS, but wasn't sure if it would work since WWE is not a good fit. Would WA and JI be good to prepare for work in WWS? If not, what else is out there for writing after we finish these materials? Would starting WWS in 8th be too late?


Dd9 would really rather be writing creatively, and I was thinking about getting The Creative Writer. Anyone have any experience with it, as well?



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I used Wordsmith Apprentice with both my boys. It did a great job of moving them along from copywork, etc. We followed that up with IEW. Your sequence of WA, Jump In, and WWS sounds fine to me. You can always adjust as needed. :-)

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We've done well with Wordsmith Apprentice. From there, we're moving into WriteShop 1 (7th grade next year).


For creative writing we've enjoyed using the NaNoWriMo Young Writer's program. Ds is part of a "class" that works through this every year, which makes it that much more fun, but it can be done on your own. Your dd might find it interesting & fun if she's into the creative stuff, and when she completes the program & editing she'll have a completed, published novel with her name on it. Very cool!


http://ywp.nanowrimo.org/ BTW, the way ds' class usually figures out word count goals is grade level times 1000. So for 5th grade, the word count goal for a novel would be 5000 words.



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