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A Homeschooler's Dream Librarian: My Library Story

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Just thought I'd share this story with people who would understand my excitement!


A few months ago, I asked around at a couple of our city library branches, if they ever sold off sets of World Book or Encyclopedia Britannica. The answer was no, but one lady took my name and phone number and said she'd call me if they ever got sets donated. Lo and behold, a few weeks ago she called with a complete set of 1993 World Books for me!!! For free!!! When I went to pick them up, she pointed me to the second hand sale table, where I found a complete set of World Book Young Scientist books, and a composers book I had wanted. I expected to pay $5.50 for them all, but she said, "Oh, you're a homeschooler? It's just $3 then."


Well, today, we went to the same branch, and as we were checking out our usual two backpacks full of books, the same lady was there and said, "Have you checked out the sale table today?" I said I'd go look when I was done checking out. She said, "Oh, just a minute, we have more books for sale here." And she went to the back wall behind the checkout counter, and brought a book over to me. She asked if I liked it and I said yes, and as I was thinking about whether or not I wanted to buy it, she said, "here, just take it." I laughed and said thanks. Then she went BACK again, brought over a huge stack of biographies and said, "here, if you can use these, take them!" She went to that pile thee times and handed me stacks of books!!!!!! I took them all, because they were interesting for us. Then I went to the sale table, found another book I liked, and she said to take that one. Then she told me to go look in the pile where she had gotten the stacks from, and I found more back there that we can use, so she told me to load up a cart and take them all!!!!!!


I could not believe it. I just kept laughing and saying thank you over and over. She said they were weeding books out of the library that people never seem to check out, and just wanted to get rid of them. I think they end up having too many books for their book sale each year or something, cuz she was so free with giving them to me.


What a fun day!

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We didn't quite score the encyclopedia set for free, but after a week of checking on them, we got it for $5.00! B-A-R-G-A-I-N!!


I think librarians are just thrilled to find people who are there for the books. In our library, more folks are there scanning the movies and cd's and working on the computers than actually checking out books. When we go, the librarians get a good workout as we pile things on the counter...one child after another!:) They are incredibly gracious and always willing to give us a hand when we have questions.


Book sales are our favorite way to build our family library!

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