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Calling all fruit tree growers


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I am stumped. We moved into a house with an established orchard last December. As far as I was aware we have 14 apple trees and 1 apricot tree. Today I was taking stock of winter damage when I noticed one of the apple trees looks nothing like the others. Growth habit, leaf buds, everything is different. First picture is the entire tree standing at about 8ft tall. 2nd picture is new growth and 3rd is old growth on the end branches.


I cant get the pictures to upload so here is the picture link.





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So you haven't seen the fruit from this tree at all yet? I wonder if that's a cherry tree? We have lots of really twisty cherry trees like that up here. But there wouldn't be just one thriving like that...


No I haven't see the fruit. I checked ground but I can't see any pits or old fruit. I don't think it produced last year. There are 10 new growth spots on the whole tree. The ground is covered with shoots coming up from the roots though.

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