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had a moment in civics yesterday..yikes

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working on a civics book yesterday...question in the sheet said: please write about what makes your country special....


the kid writes in there: I can't think of anything.


I picked it up, read it, was horrified and waited for lightning bolts to shoot out of the ceiling. I told her, "I'm sorry, but this answer is not genetically acceptable."


We'll try again today.


That one might get pulled and put in the baby book...lol


You know how it is when the kids get lazy? That is about the worst I have ever seen.


Any similar stories to comfort me?

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When dd9 was in first grade a math paper asked, How did you get the answer?... dd wrote, "I used my brain, duh!" Oh my, thank goodness her teacher had a sense of humor and taught my daughter to use the term "I used automaticity."

We had a talk about writing tone, and respect for teachers and others feelings. We do still laugh about it though.

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