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Math problems lazy student

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When I pulled my 13 yo from public school earlier this year he was unable to do basic multiplication or division. I purchased LOF honey for him and started him from there. He did well in honey, ice cream and jellybeans and relearned how to do math. He has done fractions, and is now currently working on decimals and percents. The problem is he goes to his grandparents house while I work and has began cheating on his math using a calculator so has now forgotten how to do long division again. He has been told no calculators and to show all his work but this child is SO LAZY about school work. I am really at a loss of what to do with him. My plan was to continue with pre algebra through the summer so next year he will be ready for Algebra 1 in 9th grade. Do I switch curriculum and have him repeat 8th grade? His writing is awful as well but though undiagnosed I believe he has disgraphia because he has continually had the same problems since kindergarten. Our public school system had never brought the possibilty of a disability to my attention and always made him out to be lazy, another good reason for him to be out of there. Ok I'm wandering off topic math switch curriculum or continue with more supervision and accountability for cheating.

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The only solution I see to the calculator problem is that you may need to Math with him. This may not be what you want to hear at all. But do Math before or after work depending on your schedule. He will need to be in the same room with you.


I would suggest MUS for someone like him. You could probably start with Pre-Algebra and then move to Algebra I.

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when i find an area my kids dont know, i just print off a few free practice sheets I find on the web and take a short break to review that area. so i'd print up some long division worksheets and have him do them for a few days, just long enough to make sure he's got it down, then go back to LOF. maybe do another day of practice next month to make sure he retained it.


and yes, he clearly needs supervision. and you shouldnt really call him lazy either . . . just . . he doesnt have the maturity to work independently yet.


one other thing - my son was in public school until the end of 7th. he never learned how to do math with fractions - they taught him to convert to decimals and use a calculator. i had to teach that all over again!

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