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Are Saxon math and CLE Math similar? What else is similar to CLE?

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My ds did well with CLE's method of introducing new concepts in smaller bits and spending the rest of the time reviewing (which I *think* would be called incremental and spiral). We've tried moving away from CLE since they don't have Sunrise editions past Algebra 1, but I'd like to go back to a CLE-like approach because it seems like a better fit for him in understanding and retention. Is Saxon similar in approach? What else should I consider for Algebra 1 this year?

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I have read that Saxon is similar to CLE, though I've gotten the impression that it is more incremental. My dd is going to start either Saxon 8/7 or algebra 1/2 this fall. She's used CLE through level 6 and I think this is a good transition point. I'm choosing Saxon not only because it is the closest thing I can find to CLE, but also because I like that it will take her all the way through high school math.



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Yes, it is very similar, and we've done fine with the transition. The explanations are longer, but the basic approach is consistent with how CLE teaches.


Be sure to do the Saxon placement test. Mine both tested into Algebra 1, but I decided to put them into Algebra 1/2 as a confidence-builder and to get them used to the new approach. With my older one I actually gave the tests until they went below 90%, and then we went lesson-by-lesson from there. The younger one is doing it lesson-by-lesson because I felt like there were more gaps (they tested into Algebra 1 by one point), and I wanted an easier transition year.


I've heard people compare Saxon to BJUP and A Beka, but I've never done that comparison myself. Saxon works fine here.

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