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Alison in KY

Abeka 9th grade physical science course

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We are considering this for ds this fall. I was told I could just purchase the teacher's edition and that the front is the same as the student, and that the back contains the answers. I would love some feedback on how you liked this program, if it's true that you can get by with just the teacher edition, did you use the online lectures, and if you did the labs did you buy the equipment from any particular place? Thanks so much.



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We did the abeka DVD for dd's high school. We liked the course. Dd learned a lot. If you used the dvd's you don't need the teacher manual. Dd watched the labs and did the lab book. We didn't want buy equipment.

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We are currently doing A Beka 9 th science. But this was the last year of the old edition so things may have changed. I have not seen the new edition yet.


1. Excellent introduction into chemistry and physics.


2. Rigorous tests and quizzes mostly require regurgitation of facts rather than application of material learned.


3. DD scores very high on Iowa Test every year in science. I have to give A Beka credit for that.


4. Gorgeous text with beautiful photos and diagrams.


5. Difficult text because of amount of material covered, not because of poor explanations. Lots of review questions along the way help.


6. Either buy the lab DVD or get ready to spend a couple of grand. The lab is designed for those who already have a well stocked lab. For example hot plates, projectors, a van de Graaf generator, and other specialty equipment is needed. Also, chemicals are easily obtainable, but not the kind lying around the house. There is a kit from home science tools, but it does not have all the specialty equipment required. Less than half of the experiments could be done with that kit. Having said this, all the experiments could be modified to home use if one spends some time researching other experiments which demonstrate the same concepts. Since most of the experiments are of the demonstration type, one should not feel guilty by just watching the DVD. We do have a substantial lab in our home, and I can tell you the labs are excellent. They are extreme enough to cement the concepts. DD has had some great fun performing these.


7. Again, everything I have said may not apply to the new edition.



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